I've had my Satin hair bonnet for 3 years now and it's still looking strong!

If you’ve got a new satin bonnet, and it is all sparkly and shiny - the fitting, putting on and removing the bonnet again all seem pretty simple. But like all hair accessories, it can actually be quite challenging to deal with, while maintaining its quality - that's why this information right here, is for you.

And no, it has nothing to do with how often you use yours because I use mine all the time. Stay on this blog page, because I will be sharing my tips and tricks on how to get your satin hair bonnet last longer.


When you're buying a satin hair bonnet online, look for one that has all these features:

1) The fabric is smooth and does not scratch the skin under your bonnet.

2) It’s made of soft cotton or polyester fabric with a soft finish that is non-irritating to your skin.

3) It has good elasticity so that it doesn't slip off when you sleep on your side or back at night without waking up in pain due to a pinching pain at the back of your head when wearing it too tight. This can also happen if you pull the back of your hair up too high.

4) It has a good length so that there is no bulging at the back of your head when wearing one too tight (You want to prevent any trigger on your health).

5) It should be easy to wash and dry.


 Now, you have the right Satin Hair Bonnet. What next?

If you’re like me, you love wearing satin hair bonnets. Yes, it makes your hair look so smooth and shiny, but then after a few months of wearing your bonnet, it starts to get stretched out and lose its shape. Here are some tips on how to make sure your new satin bonnet lasts longer:


1. Don't wash your bonnet every day.

Wash in warm water the first time you wear the bonnet. This will help it stay clean longer. Because you shouldn’t wash it every single day, try using a gentle shampoo instead of regular soap. Shampoos often contain ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile that are gentle enough for satin fabric and can help keep your bonnet clean without causing damage over time.

Washing your hair bonnet every day can cause it to lose its shape and become rough, or even split open. It's best to let them air dry instead of washing them right away, or you can use a hair dryer on the cool setting to speed up the drying process.


2. Avoid the use of a washing machine, wash by hand instead.

Don't wear your hair bonnet for long periods of time without washing it (just because you want to avoid washing it with your hand… Lol). Your bonnet needs to be washed regularly (but not every day) so that it doesn't build up bacteria on the surface or absorb odors from body products and perfumes.

To achieve this, I would recommend you follow this Hand Wash Method we share with our customers at www.charmingrow.com

You need:

- A large bowl filled with cold water
- Mild detergent or soap
  • Mix ½ cup of detergent or soap in the water
  • Submerge the bonnet into the water carefully and wash
  • After thoroughly cleaning the bonnet, gently squeeze out the excess water
  • Lay the bonnet flat or air dry

      If you have to use your washing machine, I would recommend you follow our Machine Wash Method

      • Wash in a gentle or delicate cycle with mild detergent
      • Lay flat and air dry.


      • If washing with a machine, make sure the ends of the string are tied together at the end to avoid losing string through the perimeter of the bonnet
      • Carefully and slowly pull the foam adjuster when tightening and releasing the adjustable string.
      • Cleaning your bonnet regularly is important and it is recommended you do so every 2 weeks minimum. If you use a lot of heavy hair products often, weekly is recommended.

      - Use conditioner regularly

      Conditioner is one of the first things you should use before putting on your satin bonnet. It helps maintain the smoothness of your bonnet by sealing in moisture and keeping it soft and supple as well as preventing tangles from forming. You should use conditioner often enough that you see some residue after applying it but not so much that it drips off into your hands or gets messy when you try to apply it elsewhere on your head! 

      Conditioners come in all kinds of varieties, but they're all designed to provide moisture and protection for the hair beneath them.

      If you don't want to use shampoo or conditioner, then simply apply a light coat of oil or lotion before putting on your head coverings. These products will provide all the moisture your hair needs without weighing it down or making it feel greasy.

      If you take care of your bonnet, it will last you a long time. This is because the bonnet is of high quality and has many benefits. First, they are expensive, so you do not want the cloth to be damaged. Second, silk absorbs everything, meaning that it will absorb dandruff, sweat, and oil. Handling a silk bonnet results in fewer hair problems for the next time you get a formal up-do done.

       At Charmingrow, we suggest that with care and looking after your satin bonnet regularly, it will last you a long time. Even if you already have a traditional one, it's worth investing in a satin bonnet to keep its shape and style longer. Use your hair satin bonnet most of the time before washing your hair every two days or so if you never need the heat on your hair.

      Have questions about taking care of your satin bonnet? Let’s chat in the comments!

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